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Laura Finlinson Administrator of Curriculum and Staff Development 801-567-8362
Sonja Burton CTE 801-256-5959
Michele Daly Dual Language Immersion 801-567-8129
Mindy Dummer Secondary ELA and Visual Fine Arts 801-567-8152
Norm Emerson Fine Arts and Instructional Support Services 801-567-8364
Mary Ann Erdmann Home and Hospital 801-567-8088
Becky Gerber Elementary ELA 801-567-8087
Wendy Harmon Math 801-567-8377
Jane Harward Science, Health, PE 801-567-8169
Ben Jameson Evaluation, Grants Management, Research, and Accountability 801-567-8243
Rebecca Lee JPAS 801-567-8369
Shelley Nordick Staff Assistant 801-567-8110
Lisa Robinson Special Education 801-567-8374
Rebecca Smith G/T and Mentors 801-567-8368
Mark Sowa Instructional Technology 801-567-8392
Pam Su'a Social Studies and World Languages 801-567-8320
Norma Villar Student Intervention Services 801-567-8187
Nancy Ward Title I, Nurse Services, ALS 801-567-8235
Ammon Wiemers Online 801-567-8143