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Professional Development Opportunities — English Language Learner SIOP and REACH

Contact: Nancy Ward | 801-567-8235 |

Current PD | Online PD | Customizable PD

Current Professional Development Opportunities

See Jordan Professional Learning System (JPLS)


Online Professional Development Opportunities

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Professional Development on Demand. PD Bites: A Buffet of Learning Anytime/Anywhere. This is a new delivery model, based on current research that ongoing job-embedded professional development has more lasting effect in the classroom. This model will involve a menu of several 30-minute modules that teachers can complete anytime, anywhere. Teachers can randomly select modules or choose to follow a learning path on a single topic. Teachers wishing to earn credit will complete 7 hours (14 modules) for .5 credit or 14 hours (28 modules) for one credit along with guided job-embedded assignments to meet the state requirement for credit. Modules can be completed by individuals, by PLCs working together toward a common goal, or under the direction of the administration in faculty meetings.Topics include: Planning for ELs (WIDA, SIOP), Culturally Responsible Teaching, Differentiation, Academic Conversations. Other topics will be addressed as the need arises. 


Customizable Professional Development Opportunities

To arrange PD, contact Nancy Ward | 801-567-8235 |
For additional content-area customizable PD, visit the Customizable PD Index

Customized School-based Professional Development. Training can be customized based on school needs and the desires of the administrators. Training format can include: Face-to-Face (F2F) Traditional, Online, Combination of F2F and Online, New PD-On-Demand Modules, Book Club. Training content can include: Culturally Responsive Teaching, WIDA/Differentiation, Academic Language, SIOP, English Learner Basics, Engagement, Interventions versus Accommodations, or other topics as needed.
Recommended Grade Level: K-12 Recommended Time: Varies