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Professionnal Development Opportunities — Special Education

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Current Professional Development Opportunities

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Online Professional Development Opportunities

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Customizable Professional Development Opportunities

To arrange PD, contact Lisa Robinson| 801-567-8374 |
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Assistive Technology for struggling learners. Training on programs and tools teachers can use to help students access the CORE using supplemental technology.
Recommended Grade Level: K-12 GenEd and SpEd Recommended Time: 1 Hour

Differentiation and Inclusion: Instructional Delivery Ideas for Students of all Abilities. Meaningfully engage students with disabilities during instructional time by using a variety of highly-effective engagement and instructional strategies that also support the learning of every student in your class.
Recommended Grade Level: K-12 GenEd and SpEd Recommended Time: 1-2 Hours

Accommodations vs. Modifications. Identifying appropriate accommodations and modifications based on students’ needs who are on an IEP or 504. How it looks differently based on settings, frequency and who is responsible for those A/M and what are the legal requirements.
Recommended Grade Level: K-12 GenEd and SpEd Recommended Time: 1 Hour

Differentiation in Classroom. Strategies that increase student engagement for all student levels.
Recommended Grade Level: 7-12 GenEd and SpEd Recommended Time: 2 Hours

Data Collection and Progress Monitoring Tools. Collecting academic, behavior using progress monitoring based on teacher created CBM's, tracking tools etc.).
Recommended Grade Level: K-12 GenEd and SpEd Recommended Time: 2 Hours

Essential Elements for Behavior Management for Classroom Assistants. Elementary support for PLC coverage time. Basic behavior management and strategies that can be used in all types of school settings for assistants that are mobile. Setting up rules for small group, routines, and procedures.
Recommended Grade Level: K-6 GenEd  Recommended Time: 3 Hours

High-functioning Autism: Characteristics, Resulting Classroom Issues, Strategies. Provide training on understanding the characteristics of High-functioning Autism and how they affect learning and behavior; strategies for improving classroom success across academics, communication, social interaction, motor skills, and executive function.
Recommended Grade Level: K-12 GenEd  Recommended Time: 2 Hours

High-functioning Autism: Increasing Social and Self-Regulation Skills and Decreasing Classroom Disruption. Provide training on specific self-regulation and social skills strategies for addressing (1) arguing: (2) topic perseveration; (3) meltdowns over changes in routine; (4) work refusal; (5) rules-policing; (6) teaching social skills as replacement behaviors.
Recommended Grade Level: K-12 GenEd  Recommended Time: 2 Hours

Effective Teacher Training. This class provides teachers with research-based interventions and strategies designed to help change their students’ classroom behaviors in a positive way. Teachers will be shown how to design effective classroom management programs, interventions for individual students who display high rates of misbehavior, and strategies for working with students that have specific disabilities.
Recommended Grade Level: K-12 GenEd and SpEd  Recommended Time: 14 Hours

SLD/RTI Support for Individual Schools. Special Education teacher specialists will work with your team to infuse the basics of Response to Intervention and determining specific learning disability eligibility. This course is best presented collaboratively with teachers in your building.
Recommended Grade Level: K-6 GenEd and SpEd  Recommended Time: Minimum 2 Hours

Co-Teaching. This course requires both general education and special education teachers teaching the same content to discuss research-based considerations and strategies when implementing co-teaching using effective models to increase student achievement.
Recommended Grade Level: 7-12 GenEd and SpEd  Recommended Time: 4-8 Hours

LRBI Principles for Success. This professional development gives a basic review of the Least Restrictive Behavior Interventions (LRBI) Technical Assistance Manual provided by the USBE. Objectives include helping teachers to use this resource effectively, identify appropriate interventions at each level, identify procedures for helping students that display problem behaviors, and guidelines for responding to students that display extreme behaviors at school.
Recommended Grade Level: PreK-12 GenEd and SpEd  Recommended Time: 1-2 Hours

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Training is available for school teams working with individuals who have had a TBI, to provide information and support on expectations and accommodations for each individual student. If professional development is needed for a larger school population, general information about TBI, common school impact, and general expectations can be presented.
Recommended Grade Level: PreK-12 GenEd and SpEd  Recommended Time: 30 Min - 1 Hour

Secondary Transition Resources. Training for special education teams and comprehensive guidance counselors on new and existing transition support for students 14+. New USBE rules will be covered for middle schools as well as new tools and resources for all levels.
Recommended Grade Level: 7-12 Recommended Time: 1-2 Hours

Essential Behavior Principles for Classroom Success. This training includes principles for positively influencing student behavior, antecedents for influencing behavior, Tier 1 class-wide behavioral interventions, Tier 2 and 3 intervention systems for students with elevated levels of behavior, and getting students that display difficult behaviors academically engaged.
Recommended Grade Level: PreK-12 Recommended Time: 1-3 Hours

A.S.P.E.N. A.S.P.E.N. is a positive, preventative, and proactive approach to managing aggressive student behavior. This training has a proven track record and was developed in Utah. A.S.P.E.N. provides similar training to the Mandt System, but is less time consuming.
Recommended Grade Level: PreK-12 Recommended Time: 4-8 Hours

Implementing Effective Instructional Practices. Training is available to help special education teachers understand effective instructional practices including recapturing instructional and engaged time, utilizing effective instructional strategies, implementing effective classroom management procedures, participating in effective PLCs to use data to inform instruction, and engaging in self-reflection to improve student achievement.
Recommended Grade Level: K-12 Recommended Time: 4-8 Hours