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What are Relicensure Points?

Relicensure points are required to renew a teaching license. Points are earned for seat hours in classes, seminars/conferences, and even for some types of meetings. Teachers will often be given a certificate for Relicensure Points earned after a class or series of meetings. It is suggested that teachers keep a file of Relicensure Point certificates and/or notations to have ready when their license is up for renewal.

The ratio is one seat hour for one Relicensure Point.

Seat Hours Relicensure Points
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5

What is Lane Change Credit?

The Jordan School District salary schedule is organized by “Steps” and “Lanes.” Steps are factored by years of service. Lanes are factored by educational credits earned after the initial teaching degree is granted. Please click here to view Jordan District’s current teacher salary schedules.

How do I earn Lane Change Credit?

Lane change Credit can be earned in a variety of ways:  district-sponsored classes, USOE-sponsored classes, UEN-sponsored classes, college courses, workshops, etc. that are approved for Lane Change Credit. It is important for teachers to check the type of credit available for classes and workshops they attend. Generally, seven seat hours, along with completion of required assignments, in a setting approved for Lane Change Credit will earn 0.5 hours of credit.

To register for a class that has been approved for USBE lane change credit, fill out and submit the Staff Development Registration Form and send to Curriculum/Staff Development in care of Amanda Hansen.

Staff Development Registration Form

The ratio is 7 seat hours for 0.5 hours of Lane Change Credit.

Seat Hours In an
Approved Course
Lane Change
Credit Hours
Cost for Credit
7 0.5 $25.00
14 1.0 $30.00
21 1.5 $35.00
28 2.0 $40.00
35 2.5 $45.00
42 3.0 $50.00

How do I know how many Lane Change Credits I have?

Teachers should keep a reference file of classes attended. It is wise to note the titles, dates, times, etc. of all classes. Additionally, summaries of Lane Change Credit can be found on teachers’ CACTUS accounts. Upon request, Human Resources can also provide information about teachers’ Lane Change Credits. Please note that college credit will not be posted until you have submitted transcripts to the Human Resources Department.

How do I apply for a Lane Change on the salary schedule?

Please note: It is up to teachers to know when they are eligible for a Lane Change and to apply for the Lane Change. You can download the application for a Lane Change here. Please contact Human Resources with any questions you may have about your individual situation.

Can Relicensure Points and Lane Change Credit be earned at the same time?

Relicensure Points can be earned in all courses that offer Lane Change Credit. However, Lane Change Credit cannot be earned in all classes or meetings where Relicensure Points can be earned. Please check what type(s) of credit is available for individual classes you take.