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PD Glossary

CACTUS CACTUS is an acronym for the Comprehensive Administration of Credentials for Teachers in Utah Schools. The database is housed at the Utah State Office of Education and contains Utah educator credential information. (
Canvas Canvas is an online learning management system (LMS) that is widely used across the nation.
EYE The Entry Years Enhancement (EYE) is a structured support program for Level 1 educators as they fulfill the requirements for a Level 2 professional license. All Level 1 educators are required to participate and all requirements must be completed within the first three years of service.   ( effectiveness/EYE.aspx)
JPLS JPLS is an acronym for the Jordan Professional Learning System. It is an online site where educators can see class offerings, register for classes, and view a history of classes taken. Jordan District employees must sign in to use the resource.   (
Lane Change Credit Lane change credit is credit earned from inservice or college courses that can be used towards earning a lane change on the salary schedule. Seven seat hours are needed for 0.5 hours of lane change credit.
MasteryConnect MasteryConnect is an online data management system.  MasteryConnect is used in conjunction with all benchmark testing in Jordan School District. It provides an effective way for teachers to analyze student data for optimal instruction and learning.
MIDAS MIDAS is sponsored by USBE and is a searchable database and registration system for professional development opportunities.  This is the link for the new USBE MIDAS system:
PD PD is an acronym for professional development.   Professional development is continued education in the form of workshops, classes, online courses, learning modules, etc. in which individuals participate to develop and refine the skill of their profession.
Relicensure Points Relicensure points are needed to renew a Level 2 or Level 3 teaching license. Relicensure points can be earned in a variety of ways including workshop attendance, attendance at some meetings, inservice classes, classes taken for college credit, and more.
Salary Lanes Salary lanes are noted on the horizontal bar on the pay schedule. Lanes correspond to the amount of credits earned after college course work is completed and a teaching license is granted.
Salary Steps Salary steps are noted on the vertical bar on the pay schedule. Steps are related to years of service.
UEN - General Site UEN is an acronym for the Utah Education Network.     It is an online site where teachers can access their CACTUS accounts and tap into other helpful resources.   (
UEN - PD UEN offers several courses for Utah educators.   Please visit the site for a full list of current classes. (
USBE USBE is an acronym for the Utah State Board of Education.