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Upon request, district consultants and teacher specialists will bring professional development opportunities directly to your school!

Options for PD at your school may include:

  • A presentation at faculty meeting on differentiation
  • A presentation or consultation during a PLC meeting for specific needs of a grade level or department
  • Resources and suggestions for a grade-level or subject-area team
  • Other options tailored to your school’s specific needs

For more information or to schedule a professional development opportunity for your staff, please contact the corresponding individual on the list below:

   Subject Contact Phone Number
   Behavior/Classroom Management Lisa Robinson 801-567-8374
   CTE Jason Skidmore 801-256-5953
   Dual Language Robyn Bishop 801-567-8129
   ELA - Elementary Becky Gerber 801-567-8087
   ELA - Secondary Mindy Dummer 801-567-8152
   ELL / SIOP Nancy Ward 801-567-8235
   Family Ed Center Fulvia Franco 801-567-8390
   Fine Arts Norman Emerson 801-567-8364
   Foreign Language Pam Su’a 801-567-8320
   Gifted and Talented Rebecca Smith 801-567-8368
   JPAS Rebecca Lee 801-567-8369
   Library Media Norman Emerson 801-567-8364
   Mastery Connect Mark Sowa 801-567-8392
   Math – Elementary Wendy Harmon 801-567-8377
   Math – Secondary Wendy Harmon 801-567-8377
   Mentoring Shelley Nordick 801-567-8110
   Nurses / CPR Nancy Ward 801-567-8235
   PE / Health Jane Harward 801-567-8088
   Science – Elementary Jane Harward 801-567-8088
   Science - Secondary Jane Harward 801-567-8088
   Social Studies – Elementary Pam Su’a 801-567-8320
   Social Studies – Secondary Pam Su’a 801-567-8320
   REACH Nancy Ward 801-567-8235
   SAGE Clyde Mason 801-567-8243
   Technology Mark Sowa 801-567-8392